Students of high grade 8 to diploma standard

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Plus: 11 days, Wednesday 24th July - Saturday 3rd August
Performance: 8 days, Saturday 27th July - Saturday 3rd August

The Performance Course has been developed for cellists of post grade 8 standard who may be considering performing as part of their future career. This is an action packed course in which students will explore ways to perfect, musically and technically, their solo, ensemble and orchestral performances. Students will have the opportunity to work with inspiring teachers at the top of their field. 

Students need to bring along two recently studied short pieces they wish to perform. 

Performance Course students are invited to audition for the
Christopher Bunting Scholarship. Auditions for this scholarship will take place during the Performance Course.

The course includes:
• Solo performance 
• Two Masterclasses (Plus)
• One Masterclass

• Ensemble masterclass
• Two individual lessons (Plus
• One individual lesson
• Technical workshops 
• Improvisation
• Cello orchestra 
• An alternative approach to scales
• Cello ensembles 
• Choir
• Further education course reviews
• Productive practising techniques
• The psychology of performing                                     

• Baroque Cello
• Professional development Strategies for stress management
• Video analysis: projecting the mental image
• Teaching experience
• Conducting workshop 
• Arranging workshops
• Scale competition