We offer a wide selection of courses to cater for all requirements. Below you will find a quick overview.

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If you have not taken a cello exam or are not aware of the ABRSM grading system don't worry! Just call or email us and we will be able to recommend a course to you.

If you feel you do not fit anywhere into the programs listed below call us and we'll find a solution!

Course Standard Required Typical Age Range Total hours of Tuition
Performance Plus post grade 8 12-25 80 hours
Performance post grade 8 12-25 61 hours
Advanced Plus grade 6-8+ 11-19 75 hours
Advanced grade 6-8+ 11-19 58 hours
Intermediate Plus grade 3-5+ 9-15 66 hours
Intermediate grade 3-5+ 9-15 51 hours
Junior beginner to grade 2+ 6-11 29 hours
Adult Diploma
post grade 8 to diploma
25-80 57 hours
Adult Advanced
grade 7-8+
57 hours
Adult Improvers Plus beginner to grade 6+
25-80 52 hours
Adult Improvers beginner to grade 6+
25-80 37 hours
Exam Booster grade 1-8 all ages 20 hours*
Alpine Cello all standards 25-80 35 hours
Double Bass Teaching for Cello Teachers
Cello Teacher
 21+13 hours

 * the Exam Booster course tuition takes place very much more on a 1-1 basis.