Beginners to grade 8

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Adult Improvers
Plus: 8 days, Sunday 23rd - Sunday 30th July
Adult Improvers: 5 days, Sunday 23rd - Thursday 27th July

The Adult Improvers Courses are designed for adults of all standards who wish to revitalise their playing, or who feel they have plateaued technically and are looking to get to the next stage of development in their playing.

The courses are crammed with opportunities to improve.

The courses include: 
• Two individual lessons (Plus
• One individual lesson 
• Technique sessions
• One video analysis session
• Two video analysis sessions (Plus)
• Performance opportunities 
• Two daily ensemble sessions 
• Rhythm training 
• Cello orchestra 
• Chamber orchestra (Plus)
• Improvisation
• Masterclass (by audition)
• Care of instruments 
• Repertoire workshop (Plus)
• Solo performance workshop (Plus)