Students of grade 6+ to post grade 8 standard

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Plus: 11 days, Wednesday 24th July - Saturday 3rd August
Advanced: 8 days, Saturday 27th July - Saturday 3rd August 

The Advanced Course is designed to provide a wide breadth of study for cellists of grade 6 to post grade 8 standard. This exciting, inspirational course aims to reinforce and build upon an understanding of all the essential elements of cello technique in a lively and engaging atmosphere.

The course includes:
• One Masterclass without audition (Plus*)
• One Masterclass
• One individual lesson (Plus)
• Training in aural perception
• Solo performance opportunities
• Technique
• Rhythm workshop
• Ensemble
• Improvisation
• Choir
• Video analysis
• Cello orchestra
• Scale competition 
Sight reading
Practice techniques
Bowing workshops                             

*PLUS course students should bring a short prepared piece along with piano accompaniment